Tips And Tools Tuesday – Thread Storage

Now, I know it’s Wednesday and I’m posting a “Tips and Tools Tuesday” a day late. But, our grandchildren were here for 5 days and I was just having so much fun playing with them, that I didn’t want to take time away to write this post. Plus, “Tips and Tools Wednesday” just doesn’t sound Read More

Tips And Tools Tuesday – I HATE MAKING THIS BLOCK!!!!!

So, it was about 19 years ago, I’d successfully made two quilts and now I wanted to make a special one for my husband, Rick. I bought several books, searching the pages for just the right one. At last, I found the perfect pattern!

Tips And Tools Tuesday – You Can Make a Stiletto

What can you do when the handle on your favorite wooden spoon breaks? Or perhaps you’ve just finished making a Covered Dish Tote which uses pieces of a 3/8″ dowel rod for the handles and you have a piece left over. It’s just an 8-inch piece of dowel rod. What on earth can you do with that? Oh, my friends, you Read More

Tips And Tools Tuesday – Let’s Talk Tweezers

Tweezers? Really? But, seriously. Let’s talk.I know, tweezers may not be a well publicized quilting/sewing tool, but, I believe that once you use a pair, you’ll see how invaluable they are, too!First, let’s talk types. No matter which brand you chose, you’ll find that there are basically two shapes. Straight or bent.I guess, for me, one of Read More

Tips And Tools Tuesday – Chatelaine – a What?

I’ve always enjoyed hand-work and usually just place my hand-stitching supplies on the end-table next to my chair.   When I hand-quilt, I use a hoop to hold my quilt.  I’d get all settled with the hooped quilt in hand (and wrapped all around me) and realize I’d forgotten one or more of the supplies I needed. Drat! Then I’d have to Read More

Tips and Tools Tuesday – Plan Your Pressing

I don’t know about you, but when I start a sewing project, I kind of get into a zone. I find my “groove”, so to speak. I plan the sewing and the pressing, especially when making several of the same blocks. Or, at least, several of the same type of units that make up the blocks. Read More

Tips and Tools Tuesday – Clappers

Clapping Makes Your Seams Lay Flat  (That sounds similar to a popular song title.) What is a “Clapper”? And what does it have to do with quilting or sewing? A clapper is a tool used during pressing to make a seam lay as flat as possible. It’s usually made from hardwood and there are several Read More