Tips and Tools Tuesday – Be Careful With the Blue. It May Make You See RED!

One of our sons-in-law  is a huge University of Alabama fan. HUGE fan. So, I decided to make a quilt for him using Alabama themed fabrics. I made sawtooth star blocks alternating the flying geese fabric. Half of the  blocks had grey (like their mascot, an elephant) and the other had white with Alabama emblems on Read More

Tips and Tools – On Your Mark, Get Set, Quilt!

The other day, my dear friend, Barbara, said,  “How do I mark my quilt top for quilting? I need help”  So, I thought I’d address that very important issue today. Marking a quilt top for hand-quilting is a bit different than marking one to be quilted by machine. Some marking tools can be used for both. Here are Read More

Tips And Tools Tuesday – Less Marking, More Sewing

You’ve heard the old adage “Less is more”, right? Well, it’s true in quilting, too. Especially when applied to “prep” work. The less steps I have to do to prepare fabric for sewing, the more time I have to sew it! Makes sense. If you’ve ever made Half-Square-Triangle units, Flying Geese units, or Snowball blocks, you’ve probably read directions that Read More

Tips and Tools Tuesday – Sandpaper

Okay, your quilt pattern says something like this, “Draw a line from corner to corner on the wrong side of a square.” Sounds easy, right? So, you get your trusty pencil and away you go!  NOT!    The lovely little piece of fabric laying so innocently on the table, suddenly shifts under the pencil lead and makes a crazy-looking squiggle! Read More