Tips And Tools Tuesday – Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone!

Comfort  zones.  We all have them. In restaurants, we tend to order the same things we know we like. Shopping for clothes, we lean toward our favorite color. We sit in the same pew in church. Gravitate toward our favorite spot in the break room at work. Routines are good. The “same old, same old” Read More

Tips And Tools Tuesday – Fabric Got Back

I like big cuts and I cannot lie. I especially like big cuts when Fabric Got Back. By “Back”, I mean that the back of a fabric is pretty and can be used in a quilt as well as the front.   Sometimes the back is a more subdued version of the front. And “speaks” softer than the front. Read More

Is Your Fabric in a Wad?

That may sound like a strange question, but, seriously, is it? Perhaps your stash looks something like this. But, wish it  looked like this. . See all of the wasted space in the top photo? Now that my husband and I are “empty nesters”, I have a sewing room. YAY! It’s small, but, it’s mine!  By “small”, Read More