Making Plastic Hexagons

Making Plastic Hexagons

You can download free hexagon shapes or use one from a pattern you already own, and trace around it onto a plastic lid from a yogurt or ice cream container. Placing a piece of double-sided tape on the back of you hexagon pattern will help hold it in place while you trace it.

Now, if you've ever tried to write on plastic, you know that the ink just beads up and wipes off. So you will actually need to scratch the lines into the surface using something sharp, like the point of a compass, or a sewing awl.

Here, I'm scratching the pattern onto the lid from a Chinese Take-out soup container.

Mark the first one "Pattern Only" and use it to trace the rest. Use a hole punch to punch a hole somewhere in the hexagon. It doesn't need to be centered, just going as far as your hole punch will reach is fine. DO NOT PUNCH A HOLE IN THE ONE MARKED "PATTERN ONLY". That way it won't get mixed up with the rest. Also, drawing all of your hexagons from this one pattern, helps to minimize discrepancies between hexagons. (I speak from experience.)

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