This Drunkards Path quilt is hand-pieced and is a hand-quilting work in progress. Here, it's laid out on the kitchen floor where I basted it for quilting in a hoop.
This is the first quilt I ever made. It's a Single Irish Chain. I used fabrics leftover from dresses I made for our daughters.
I use this small Cathedral Windows quilt as a centerpiece on our kitchen table.
I love this block. It's the barn where, as a boy, my husband, Rick, helped his grandfather milk the cows. This block is in bottom left corner of my husband's tribute quilt below.
This quilt is a tribute to my husband, Rick. Each block tells a story about him and our life together. I've quilted family history information in many of the blocks. Can you find them?
What can you learn about my husband, just by the blocks I've put in this quilt? How many things can you list?
When Gramps turned ninty-years-old, I made this lap quilt for him. It's made of 6" squares and I quilted it on my sewing machine.
My husband's Grandma Meyer made each of her grandchildren a quilt of their own. She let them choose the colors and the design. My husband was (and still is) a huge St. Louis Cardinals fan. Grandma embroidered the center medallion and each 4" square around it. The green squares have baseballs and bats embroidered on them. Then, she hand-quilted it!
Young Man's Fancy and Gentleman's Fancy are two names I've heard for the block used in this quilt. There are probably more. Grandma Meyer made it many,many years ago. It's a simple block pattern, yet striking as it's set on point.
This is my intruduction to "Mystery" quilts. I made it in 2006. Had it not been a "mystery", I think I would have chosen a different fabric for the center star. I broke up all of that green by putting a blue-centered Square-in-a-Square unit inside. Here, it's just the top. I've finally gotten it quilted, now it's ready for binding.
I love hot tea and home! This cozy reminds me of my blessings!
I made this wall hanging pattern to welcome friends and family alike into our home.
This quilt is my tribute to the woman whose beautiful quilts inspired me to want to learn to make some myself, my husband's Grandma Meyer.
It looks brighter in the center, but, it's the same blue as the sashing strips. I love the subtle shades of yellow. The pattern created by using them is more pronounced in the photo above.
Swedish Weaving of verigated yarn makes this cozy throw so unique and beautiful. It's made by weaving yarn through Monk's Cloth. I simply crocheted around the edge to finish it.
This Christmas table runner was an eye opener for me. My favorite color is blue, and I was determinerd to put blue squares in the corners. But, when I auditioned purple there instead, WOW! That little pop of purple was just what it needed!
For the backing of the Christmas table runner, I used a pumpkin themed fabric. That way, it's reversable. From mid-October to Thanksgiving Day, I have the pumpkin side up. After that, oh, it's Christmas time for me!