Tips And Tools Tuesday – It’s Still the Season, Are You Prepared?

It’s still the season…. Well, not the Holiday season. That was fun and now it’s done, and 2020 has already begun! (No, I did not rhyme that on purpose. ūüôā I mean, it’s still the season for colds and Flu. Why on earth would I want to bring that subject up? Because I just finished Read More

Tips and Tools Tuesday – Have I Got a Treat For You!

School has started back and with it comes sporting events and tailgating. Before we know it, we’ll be celebrating all of our favorite holidays. Sporting events, family gatherings, and holidays mean great food and great snacks. I thought I’d share a recipe that I got about forty years ago. We were going on vacation to Read More

Thanksgiving is next week! Have I got some helpful tips to make your holidays less stressful!

Thanksgiving Day here in the USA is one week from tomorrow! Did it sneak up on you as it did me? Well, just in case you needed a friendly reminder….. I have some tips and tricks for making any holiday meal less stressful. Make Your Holiday Meal Less Stressful – Prepare The Leftovers First!¬†is a Read More

Make Your Holiday Meal Less Stressful – Prepare The Leftovers First!

A few years ago,¬† shortly before Thanksgiving time here in the U.S.,¬† I¬†was trying to figure out¬†how to prepare a Thanksgiving meal where I wasn’t stuck in the¬†kitchen all day.¬† I really wanted to be able to enjoy¬†time with our children and¬†grandchildren and not be constantly¬†running back and forth to the¬†kitchen to prep or cook Read More

The Best Pumpkin Pie Ever! Seriously!

I am not kidding you! Once you taste this silky, warm, and¬†spicy pie with its tender and flakey crust, you’ll¬†NEVER type “Pumpkin pie recipe” into your search engine again! I love making homemade desserts and I’d been trying and trying to find the perfect pie crust recipe. I’d see one in a magazine and try Read More

I’m Feelin’ Blue – berries that is!

It’s blueberry season on Lookout Mountain!   And, my, oh my, our bushes are full of them!   I picked a 4-quart pot full a couple of days ago and filled it up again this morning. (That is, minus the ones I ate while picking.) Hee, hee, hee. Ooh, do I have plans for these! Read More

Tips and Tools Tuesday – Chicken Soup Be Prepared

I hadn’t had the flu in 36 years, so I guess it was my turn. I haven’t posted in awhile because I’ve been sick.This post doesn’t have better photos yet, but will as soon as I feel better. I hope the delicious Chicken Soup recipe that follows will make up for the lack of photos.It Read More

Bacon Bakin’

I love bacon!¬†Whether it’s crispy strips¬†with eggs or pancakes for¬†breakfast, crumbled bits¬†in a Chef’s Salad¬†at lunch, or crunchy, chewy¬†chunks in creamed corn with supper. I love bacon!Mmm, Mmm, Mmm. ¬†But, I don’t love the mess that comes with preparing it! Many years ago, my sister, Nancy, who went to cooking¬†school and worked in a restaurant, Read More

Chili Soup?

Yes. You read that right. Chili Soup. It’s a simple, homey¬†soup that is sure to warm you when it’s cold outside! When I got married 38 years ago, I knew I was marrying an awesome¬†man and marrying into a wonderful family. But I had no idea what delicious new recipes came along with them! My Read More

Chicken and Bacon. Need I say more? Okay, I’ll say corn, too.

  It actually started with a bag of creamed corn that I found in the freezer. Oh, yeah. You see it. There’s bacon in there.¬†¬†My recipe for Creamed Corn is in¬†the “Recipes” section. Now, when I say a bag of creamed corn, I mean fresh corn from¬†our¬†garden that I creamed and froze.¬†(Grocery stores carry frozen Read More