Hi, I’m Diane Worden.  I live on Lookout Mountain with my husband of forty years, Rick, and our two dogs.  We have three married children, two daughters and one son, and two grandchildren.

Living in the country is a dream-come-true.  I grew up in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, but always yearned for the country life. I’m blessed to have married a man who wanted that, too!  YAY!

We’ve had horses, cows, chickens, raised a hog, had more dogs than I can count (without removing my shoes), cats, birds, and countless other critters. Years ago, I told our veterinarian, that there must be a sign in our front yard, (invisible to humans, but not to animals), that reads “These people are suckers for strays!”  Oh, well, farm life is never dull!

I’ve always enjoyed making things myself. Whether it’s cooking from scratch, decorating cakes, sewing garments, reupholstering furniture, staining and polyurethaning our dining room set, and quilting, it’s all an adventure to me.

Although I’ve enjoyed all of these creative outlets, making quilts and quilted household items, and teaching others how to make them, too, are by far my favorites!

Which brings me to why I started this website.

Although I’d been sewing for more than twenty-five years, I’d never made a quilt. Oh, I’d always admired them, but they looked so complicated to me.  I never thought I could make something so intricate. Then, one day, twenty years ago, I was watching a quilting show, and as the guest sewed fabric pieces together to make two different blocks, then placed those blocks side by side, the pattern emerged and I sat there with my mouth hanging open (literally!) and thought to myself “I think I can do that! I really think I can do that!”  It was an epiphany moment! I’ve been making quilts ever since.

My mission in creating patterns, is to design projects and write clear instructions that help you create things that you never imagined you could. I want to help you say to yourself, “I really think I can do that!”  Because you can!

Go ahead and try something new!  You just might be surprised at the beautiful things you can create!

Your friend,