Tips and Tools Tuesday – Not Just For Cars

In my previous post, I shared about a handy little magnetic wand that I keep right by my sewing machine.

A magnetic wand.

It is actually part of a set that I bought at our local home improvement store.

Along with the magnetic wand, this set includes…

an extending mirror and a retrieval tool.

The retrieval tool (pictured center) is what I want to talk to you about today.

It is great for picking up those small objects that manage to roll or bounce away, but are not magnetic.

One end of the 24″ long tool can be easily grasped in one hand.

Place your thumb on the plunger, and press. This will extend the curved wires at the other end. These wires are very stiff and will grasp even the tiniest things, like bits of fabric, plastic bobbins, pencils, etc.


Closed, it looks like this.


(I haven’t used the mirror much, yet, but if I find a good sewing/crafting room use for it, I’ll let you know.)

This set of three tools cost $10.98 plus tax. Great price for some invaluable tools in my sewing area!

Do you have any tools in your crafty space that were not at all designed for sewing or crafts, but make really great tools to keep within reach when you are in there?

Leave a comment and share with us your re-purposed tool!

Have a great day!


P.S. I’m heading outside to pick some blueberries! YUM, YUM!

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