Form Fitting Face Mask Tutorial

Hello Everyone! I hope you all are staying well and safe!

It’s been quite some time since I’ve posted anything. I have been making masks, and masks, and more masks.

I have made the common “surgical” style mask. A Form Fitted style, which is the kind I wear to work. And, a Face Shield style. Many people have asked me how I make them. So, I’ve created a tutorial to help you make your own.

This first tutorial is for the Form Fitted style. I am, also, working on a tutorial for the Face Shield style. I’ll let you know when that one is published.

Here are the styles of masks that I have been making.

The Standard “Surgical” style mask. There are thousands of tutorials out there for this style of mask, so, I have no plans to make one. Isn’t this the cutest fabric? This is one of the masks that I made for my great nephews.

The Form Fitting style mask. The original design for a mask like this did not emerge from my brain. I first made one exactly like the original design with elastic around the ears as instructed by Cindy at The Fabric Patch tutorial on YouTube. She used the original mask design by Craft Passion. I work in retail, so, needless to say, wearing it for 5 to 7 hours at a time bothered my ears. A lot! Also, I could not move my mouth without dragging the mask down and exposing my nose! (In retail, it’s impossible to work without talking to customers!) So, changes were made. I redesigned it by extending and changing the shape of the mask front, modifying the arch from the nose to the ear, and changing the angle for the chin and at the sides. I also used my own ideas for a wire support in the nose area. I make mine with elastic over the crown of the head and around the back of the neck. I can wear this mask all day, and my ears are so happy! My glasses don’t fog up, and I not only feel like I am protecting others from anything I might possibly have, but because there are four layers, (two of fabric and two of interfacing) I feel like I am protected from them as well. I also added a hook and loop closure to easily attach the neck elastic. This is the tutorial that I just published. You can link to it here. How to Make a Form Fitting Face Mask. You can download my pattern today!

And, the Face Shield style. I designed this one for a friend who has COPD, but must work with the public. I made a few different masks for her, all of which constricted her breathing and fogged up her glasses. A mask does no good if the person can’t breath and can’t see! I designed this mask after the clear acrylic face shields worn by medical professionals. There are also people who perhaps, suffer from Claustrophobia or Anxiety. A “standard” style of mask may make them feel trapped or like they are suffocating. This type of mask eliminates that feeling while still offering some protection. This photo is of my first prototype. I’ve made a few slight changes since then. Again, I’ll be publishing a tutorial for this kind of mask soon.

How do you like my wild and crazy hair? I took this quick photo of my mask idea, to send to my friend with COPD for her approval, after a long day at work. I’ve given away the mask shields, so I’ll take better photos when I get some new ones made for the tutorial. Until then, feel free to laugh at my raggedy hair!

I have missed you all very much and plan to do some more blogging, pattern designing, and Tips and Tools sharing now that the mask making task has slowed down some.

Today is a good day to make a mask, either for yourself or for someone else.

Have a great day! Protect yourself and others, and, stay safe!


2 thoughts on “Form Fitting Face Mask Tutorial

  1. Vickie Cain says:

    The face mask you made me fitted so well! The nose wire hold’s the mask in place without crimping my skin. And yet, my glasses don’t fog up either. If I have to wear a mask , I want to wear yours!

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