Tips And Tools Tuesday – It’s Still the Season, Are You Prepared?

It’s still the season….

Well, not the Holiday season. That was fun and now it’s done, and 2020 has already begun! (No, I did not rhyme that on purpose. 🙂

I mean, it’s still the season for colds and Flu.

Why on earth would I want to bring that subject up? Because I just finished a bout with a respiratory flu that kicked my behind!

However, I was prepared!

In the Fall of 2019, I had made a huge pot of homemade Chicken Soup and froze it in individual serving-sized containers. Oh, I am so glad that I did!

I am Sixty-one years old. Until 2017, I hadn’t had any kind of flu since 1987! Yes, you read correctly. Thirty years had passed without any kind of flu.

In 2017, I had both a respiratory flu followed only a couple of weeks later by a stomach flu, and since then, I’ve gotten some type of flu every year. 


Since the 2017 experience, I’ve made it a point to keep homemade chicken soup in small containers the freezer. That way, I have yummy, nourishing soup whenever the need arises.

Along with Chicken Soup, I try to keep some type of handwork project in a basket or tote. Something that is portable and that I can keep beside the recliner I take up residence in when I’m sick. 🙂 My current hand project is hand-quilting this Drunkard’s Path quilt.

So, after Chicken Soup, another answer to the question, “Are You Prepared?”, would be a project basket that contains every possible tool you might need to work on your craft. Things like thread, thimble, pins, needles, scissors, seam ripper, yarn, crochet hooks, templates, pencils, and marking tools to name a few. It’s better to have everything you might want to use so that you don’t sit down and get all comfy under your quilt or blanket, only to discover you don’t have something you need. Been there, Done that. Not cool.

Here are a couple of hand projects that may interest you.

Folded Hexagons,

Freezer Paper Applique,

Grandmother’s Flower Garden.

These are all portable and easy to do. Perfect for when you feel yucky!

I really hope that you do not need the Chicken Soup, or the emergency project basket this year, but, why not be prepared? Just in case.

Today is a good day to prepare an emergency project basket and make some chicken soup. Don’t have a good homemade Chicken Soup recipe? Try mine, you’ll be glad you did.

Happy, healthy creating!


2 thoughts on “Tips And Tools Tuesday – It’s Still the Season, Are You Prepared?

  1. Barbara Steele says:

    Going to make some chicken soup and freeze.
    It is hard to cook for one and need something like this to fill in when I need a pick me up.
    Sounds yummy

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