Here’s a Fun “Take Along” Project, Folded Hexagons

About a month ago, at our monthly quilt club meeting, two of our members shared a great hand-sewing project with us. Shirley, and Harold showed us how to make folded hexagons. We each received a zip-top bag containing seven fabric circles to make a Grandmother’s Flower Garden flower.

As they demonstrated the technique, we followed along stitching our fabric circles into beautiful little flowers. The yellow center and six surrounding “petals” were in my little bag. As you can see, I’ve made many more since then. I made these while riding in the car on a recent vacation.

You could make two and sew them together to make a unique and adorable mug rug.

Or, add some extra hexagons on either side to elongate the center. Then add rows around it to make a table runner.

My plan is to make them into a table topper for a round, antique table in our living room..

I’ve had so much fun making these, that I thought others might enjoy making them, too. So I’ve written a tutorial.

Folded Hexagons is now listed on my website. You can click on the highlighted link, or go On the Menu at the top of the Home page, click on “Tutorials” and then “Sewing/Quilting”. There you will find the “Folded Hexagon” tutorial, among others.

I took tons of photos, (most while riding in the car) and included them in the tutorial so you can clearly see how to make these versatile little hexagons.

Today is a good day to fold some fabric circles and have fun creating your own unique designs!

When you do, head on over to Facebook and join our group, The Lookout Mountain Quilter, and share some photos of your projects. We’d love to see what you’re working on!


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