Tips And Tools Tuesday – A Tip For Chain Piecing, Then, Let’s Talk Lizards

While piecing the units for the Just Buzzing Through quilt, I did a lot of chain piecing.

You know, where you insert pieces of fabric, one after another, sewing them, but not cutting the threads in between each addition.

Usually, I just snip them pieced units apart with a small pair of scissors. Today, however, I found a quicker way to separate the units.

It is a Clover Thread Cutter inserted upside down into an empty thread spool. This little gadget has a round razor blade inside and several little groves all around. You just slip the thread to be cut into a grove and the sharp blade’s edge, at the bottom of the groove, easily cuts it. So handy.

I couldn’t think of a lead-in to get to my lizard story, so I’ll just jump to it. 🙂

Spring is in full swing here in Alabama. The birds are singing, flowers are blooming, the hummingbirds are back, and the garden plants are stretching skyward.

Ahh, the sights and sounds of summer-to-come have awakened!

So have the bugs.

And, the critters.

Some of them are cute, like, bunnies. Others, like snakes and lizards, not so much.

Well, I know they are very helpful because they eat lots of rodents and bugs, but, I don’t want them in my house!

Last week, I saw a skink in the house.  AAAAAGH!

I know they can’t hurt me, but they are fast little buggers, and that just creeps me out! I only saw him briefly because he ran into the laundry closet.  No sign of him over the next few days, so I thought the bug spray had probably gotten him.

Then, yesterday, I saw a brown lizard around the same area.  “Had I only thought it was a skink, but it was actually a lizard?”

I wanted that thing out of my house! NOW!

I opened the laundry closet door, pulled out the rolling basket, and there he was. Not a pretty green lizard. This one was brown with toad-like coloring. And, he was big!

I opened the back door, got the broom, and used it to usher him towards the door and freedom! I was hoping that the view of the great outdoors might beckon him onward and outward!

Nope. He ran across the room and under the piano. It’s still in the mud room from when we remodeled, and it’s on the same wall as the door. I tried using the broom handle to coax him out, but the handle was too thick to make much progress. Maybe slide the flyswatter under there? Nope. Drat.

Then, a lightbulb moment happened. I spotted the leaf blower! “I’ll give that lizard hurricane-like wind and drive him out!”

I started under the far end of the piano and worked my way toward the door. It worked!

It blew him right to the threshold! He had his head cocked to one side like he was trying to figure out where that wind came from! I didn’t give him time to get his wits about him. I just blew his little behind right out the door!

Today, the skink showed himself. Again, in the mudroom, and into the laundry closet. This time, I already had a plan.

Although he ran behind a shelving unit instead of under the piano, I followed the same procedure and blew his little behind right out the door, too!

Yep, I can outsmart lizards. Yay me!

Whether it’s sewing, or critter ridding, sometimes unconventional tools are just the thing for getting the job done.

Today is a good day to try an unconventional tool.

What are some inventive ways you’ve gotten unwanted creatures out of your house?

Share your story in the comments.

Here’s to successful critter ridding!


9 thoughts on “Tips And Tools Tuesday – A Tip For Chain Piecing, Then, Let’s Talk Lizards

  1. Monique says:

    That is a hilarious way to get rid of pests! We don’t get anything like you in our house, but would I look silly going after ants and spiders with a leafblower??🤣🤣 I might just try it! Thanks for the laugh!

  2. Shirley Adlich says:

    One time I had read that walnut leaves helped ensure the house did not get fleas due to all our animals. Have also tried hedge balls. However, I really am not sure if either of these “natural” ways worked. All I really remember is it was a mess trying to get all the broken up, dried up leaves out of the carpet!

  3. Denise says:

    I bet that was horlious ! Would love to have seen this. I get nice in my hous at times living in the country but done think I could handle getting hornny lizards in my home. Must be some kind of hole in your closet that he keeps getting on! Have a great day!

    • lookoutmountainquilter says:

      Yeah, I wish I could have gotten it on video! We had a problem with the doorknob on the outside door. It didn’t close all of the way as we thought it had. We’d go do something in the yard and come back to the door ajar. We’ve fixed that, so hopefully, no more lizards!

  4. Barbara Steele says:

    Years ago in another house I was at the kitchen sink and heard a rattling of pans in the bottom cabinet. Thought “oh no. A mouse”. Wrong. Opened the cabinet door and saw a snake hanging from drawer rail. Yelled for husband. He went to shop and made a gadget seen on nature show with noose on a pole. I held light on snake head. He tried to snare and said to shine light on head. I was. The head I saw. There were 2.
    He got 1 out to the woods. Came back for #2 and #1 Was coming back to the house trying to get up on the porch.
    He took them to a brush pile at edge of woods and watch for a while to make sure they stayed.

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