Just Buzzing Through Quilt Along – Week Two – Cutting

Hi there!

It’s Week Two of the Just Buzzing Through Quilt Along, so, that means it’s time to start cutting!

If you are just joining us, it’s not too late to get started. In fact, it’s never too late! After each week’s post is published, it will remain on my website indefinitely, so you can make your quilt at your own pace. All you need to make Just Buzzing Through is a copy of the pattern  and the usual quilting supplies. You can find the materials list on the pattern itself and on the Week One – Getting Started – Gather Your Supplies post.

Just Buzzing Through may look complicated, but, it’s really very simple. I want to help you succeed! If you have any questions, or need anything clarified, just email me at diane@lookoutmountainquilter.com and I’ll answer as quickly as I can.

Join in and have fun! I know you can do this!

Now, I know that the cutting process can be quite tedious. So, I’ve come up with a time-saving way to cut strips quickly and accurately. I’ve explained and documented the process in two posts that I think you will want to check out before you start any cutting. They are Backwards is Better and How Many Strips Could A Strip Cutter Cut If A Strip Cutter Could Cut Strips?  Both are very helpful when cutting several strips for any quilting project.  And, not just strips. I also use this method for cutting the strips into segments! It’s so quick and accurate!

For my “two-color” version of Just Buzzing Through, I’m using a tone-on-tone white for the background and several different reds for a scrappy look. Who says a “two-color” quilt has to be just two fabrics?

Whichever color way you choose, visit our Facebook Page and join the group, Lookout Mountain Quilter. I hope you will share lots of photos of your progress!

In case you missed it, here’s the Just Buzzing Through Quilt Along schedule.

Today is a good day to try a new method for cutting strips.

Happy Quilt Along!


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