Not Your Grandma’s EPP – Grandmother’s Flower Garden Fowers Made Easy

Have you wanted to try making Grandmother’s Flower Garden flowers, but were intimidated by the thought of cutting out all of those paper pattern pieces? I was.

But then I discovered plastic hexagons.  In a previous post, “Paper or Plastic? Quilting? What? “I touched on the idea of using plastic hexagons as opposed to paper ones, which eventually get so crumpled and full of holes that you end up throwing them away and cutting more.

I have full instructions on how to make the plastic templates and use them to create flowers. Check out my tutorial “Grandmother’s Flower Garden” and see how easily you can make these timeless beauties!

And, while you’re there,  stop by my pattern shop and check out my new patterns. The pattern “In The Garden” uses this easy technique to make the flowers. And if you use the coupon code “grandma”, you can get 10% off your purchase! Hurry, this coupon is only good through March 31, 2019!

Happy quilting!


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