Tips And Tools Tuesday – Simplifying Those Dreaded “Y” Seams

“Y” seams.

The mere thought of making a quilt block that has them can cause some people to turn the page and skip right over a beautiful quilt design.

Maybe you’ve done this.     I have.     Honestly, I was intimidated by the assumed complexity of the process.

Key word here, “assumed”.  But, that was BEFORE I learned how to sew them.

I’ve designed a Christmas Tree Skirt that has LOTS of “Y” seams.  Notice, I said “LOTS”, not “ALL”. Some “Y” seams, or what appears to be a “Y” seam, can be accomplished with straight seams. I created this design as a teaching tool.  The main principle I want to help people understand is…a mountain can be moved, one shovelful at a time. Don’t focus on the mountain, focus on the shovel.

Think of sewing a “Y” seam ….. one seam at a time. Try to get the idea of “Three-seams-coming-together,-oh-my!” out of your head. Focus on one, and only one, at a time.

If you need a little confidence booster for sewing “Y” seams just click here and you’ll be making “Y” seams with ease in no time!

Today is a good day to stop asking, “Why a “Y”?” and start saying, “Y” not?”

I hope your Thanksgiving holiday is fantastic!



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