Tips And Tools Tuesday – Easy 1-2-3 “Frame” Ornament

It’s November, now, and I’m really getting in the Christmas spirit!

Why so soon?

Well, my day job is at a local home improvement warehouse, and we are in full swing of Christmas merchandise. I love it! I wouldn’t mind if they started playing Christmas carols, too!

In an earlier post, I shared my method of making a no-sew ornament that I call Easy 1-2-3 No-Sew Ornament. And, now, I’ve got another ornament along that line to share with you. The Easy 1-2-3 “Frame” Ornament.

For this ornament, the pattern made by folding and pinning fabric squares on a Styrofoam ball creates a “framed” area that is perfect for showing off something special. A photo of a loved one, a special pet, or a memorable vacation. Transferring a photo to fabric is easy. Just follow the manufacturer’s instructions for your particular transfer product. They last for years, and years!

Perhaps, like me, you have a piece of fabric with a beautiful motif or theme that can be showcased in this area.

I have a couple of yards of a Nativity toile that I just love! And, it’s in my favorite color combination, blue and white! Bonus!

I decided to “fussy cut” a couple of the motifs and used them on a Christmas ornament. I chose a section depicting the baby Jesus in a manger,

and a section depicting the angel announcing the good news of Messiah’s birth to shepherds in the field.

You could use any fabric or photo you like, just make sure that the fussy cut piece is 3″ square and that the important part of the photo or motif is  centered  and that the very center is no larger than 1  1/2″ square. The sky is the limit!

I made a couple of “Frame” ornaments. One using the aforementioned Nativity Toile, and one using a transfer of my parents’ 1954 wedding photo.



The instructions for making both types, (photo on both sides, or photo on front/ fabric on back) are available on my website under “Crafts”.

Just click here to check out the tutorial.

When you’ve made an ornament or two, head on over to Facebook, join our group, The Lookout Mountain Quilter, and share some photos of your creations!

I’d love to see what ornaments you make!

Today is a good day!


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