Tips and Tools Tuesday – A Movable Cutting Table You Can Make!

Quilting and sewing tools come in all shapes and sizes.

Some are large. Like a sewing machine.

Some are small.

Some are teeny tiny, like the pin holding the plastic hexagon to the fabric.

And, some are HUGE!

Let’s face it, tools help us get the job done faster.

I used to cut fabric and sew at the kitchen table. Now that my husband and I are “empty nesters”, I actually have a room designated for sewing.

But, I was still cutting and pinning fabric out on the kitchen table.

I’d seen various sewing stations, work tables, and cutting tables on Pinterest and YouTube, etc. They were very nice, to be sure, but, were all out of my budget.

Among the many things I’ve learned from my mother, “being resourceful” and “figuring out how to make it yourself” are probably the two lessons I use most.

I showed my husband a photo in a quilting magazine of a cutting table in a famous designer’s studio, and asked if he could make something like that for me.

He said, “Draw up the plans for what you want, and I’ll see what I can do.”

I did, and he made it just like I envisioned.

It works wonderfully!

It’s huge! But, I needed it to be just that.

My cutting mat is 40″ x 72″, so I needed the table to made to fit it. It needed to be able to fit through the doorway, so I designed it to be taken apart and reassembled. And it had to have LOTS of storage. My sewing room is small, and every inch of space needed to be utilized.

I thought, maybe some of you might like to make a cutting table for your sewing/quilting/crafting room. I’ve written the instructions, drawn the illustrations, and included photos to help you. You can always email me if you have any questions.

Just contact me at and request the instructions. I will email the PDF to you shortly.

And, how about joining our Facebook group, The Lookout Mountain Quilter, and share photos of the projects you’re working on?

Today is a good day to make a cutting table, and join our Facebook Group!



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