My House is a Wreck! Yay! Sewing Room Remodel Update.

Ooh, I’m so excited! Everything is topsy turvy!

In case you didn’t know, my Sweetheart is remodeling my sewing room.

Yep, everything has been removed and the room has been gutted. Stripped down to the bare walls.

This is a view from the doorway BEFORE. By the way, what looks like a huge dirt smudge on the right side of the wall is actually a blue stain where our son’s twin bed used to be. I didn’t know the blue dye from the sheets would rub off onto the wall.  But it did. There’s a longer blue stain along the right wall, too.  I think the problem was that the room was painted with flat paint. Apparently it just sucked up the blue dye. Just FYI.

This is what that view looks like now.

Like I said before, this is a really old house.  Those are all rough-sawn boards of various widths.  I was hoping there might be some Shiplap underneath the sheetrock, but this stuff is so rough, there’s no way to paint it. And, we don’t have a planer, so, removing it, planing it smooth and then reapplying it is not an option. Drat. I would have loved shiplap.

There’s just a hole where the window used to be. It’s handy for moving things in and out of the room without tracking through the rest of the house.  My Sweetheart screws a board over it every night to keep the critters out.  Hey, we live in the country, so a raccoon or a possum (I know it’s actually an Opossum, but, nobody says it that way around here.) finding it’s way in is a definite possibility.

Rick, my Sweetheart, tore out the wall between the sewing room and the hallway today. He also removed the sheetrock from the hallway ceiling to move the attic access hole there. This is the view from the window hole.

He hung heavy plastic at both ends of the hall to keep the dust migration to a minimum. He’s so thoughtful.

This is my sewing area now. Everything is moved into the spare room. Yes, there’s a bed underneath all of that fabric. 🙂 And there is a path. Okay, it’s a narrow path, but, it’s a path. 🙂

I didn’t box anything up. I just couldn’t go a couple of months without sewing anything!

I didn’t mean to ramble on about the sewing room. I’m just beside myself with anticipation for how it will be!

Well, I’d better get busy sewing. I’ve got things to make and patterns to write!

Today is a good day!


2 thoughts on “My House is a Wreck! Yay! Sewing Room Remodel Update.

  1. Barbara Steele says:

    I am so excited for you. You need a good work space so you can show us newbies how things are done.
    Rick may want to go back to work and rest.

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