Tips and Tools Wednesday Edition – A Portable Design Board/Easel

Well, remodeling is officially underway!

As our granddaughter, Little Miss B, would say, “Grandma, your room is naked!”

Except for my computer and desk, it certainly is! The internet cable hanging from the ceiling has to be rerouted to a different room, so my wonderful husband is getting things ready so that I have as little down time as possible.

Since all of my fabrics are now in piles on the spare bed, and everything is in a sort of an organized chaos, (that’s an oxymoron!) I’ve been working on some much needed craft projects.

Last week it was the Portable Pressing Board.

This week I finally turned one of my bulletin boards into a Portable Design Board/Easel. It was fun and easy to make!

I decided to make a large one, 24″ x 24″. This way, I’m not limited on the size block or the possibilities!

I plan to make some smaller ones, also, but needed this large one now!

Beneath the batting is a scrap piece of no film insulation board from my design wall project. It’s great for when I need to use pins to secure notes to the board for quilting classes, etc.

Half of the supplies came from other projects, some came from the local home improvement store, and a couple of items from the local super store. You could easily gather the supplies today and have your own design board tomorrow!

I hope you’ll give this easy project a try. You can make it any size to fit your needs. And, it has a handle for easy carrying. You can find the full tutorials by clicking on the links above, or by going to my website and under Tutorials you’ll see the Craft section. There you’ll find these projects and more!

Today is a good day to make a design board!

It would make a wonderful gift for a quilting friend!

Have a great day!


P.S. I’ll post some more remodeling photos soon! Ooooh, I’m so excited!



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