Tips and Tools Tuesday – My Sewing Room is Getting Remodeled! Woohoo!

Of all of the sewing tools I have available to me, my sewing room is by far the most important one and the most in need of an upgrade!

I used to sew at the dining room table. Since my husband and I are now “empty nesters”, I have a room of my own for sewing.

Starting in September, my sweetheart husband is going to completely remodel my sewing room!

It will be stripped down to the bare bones! But, I have a plan! A vision of what my dream sewing room will look like in this space.

This is what my room looks like now.

The entry door is in the middle of the wall, making the space on either side not efficiently usable.

There is a little-more-than-useless closet on the right as you enter, but has the steps leading up to the attic in the middle of it. So, not much useable storage space in it. Dumb design! That is totally going away. The attic accessibility will be a set of drop-down stairs in the hall.

The door will be relocated to the far right (as you are looking at the door from inside the room) where the shelves holding my fabric are now. That will provide plenty of space for a nine-foot wide closet for some out-of-sight and out-of-sunlight storage.

The old, crummy carpet will be gone! In it’s place my Sweetheart is going to put hardwood flooring. That will make it so much easier to move and rearrange things as needed. Namely, my awesome cutting table that my Sweetheart made for me. It’s 40″ x 80″ and on casters, but they get bogged down in the carpet. Not cool. There are storage shelves on both sides, so it can be turned any way I need it to be and still remain usable. It’s awesome!

This is my lighting now. It’s a very old house.

My Sweetheart is going to put recessed lights around the perimeter of the room, and track lighting over my cutting table.

Wow! To be able to see well and photograph things without bringing in lamps from different parts of the house! Oh, my!

I have two sewing machine stations planned. One for piecing and one for machine quilting. Not sure where or how they will be worked in, but they WILL be worked in. That’s why the hardwood floor will be so great.. Things can and will change as needed.

I’ll be posting photos of the progress as we go.

OOOOOOH, it’s going to be so great!

Today is a good day to make something. Or, remodel something!


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