New, Free Patterns! Check Them Out!

I’m so excited to share some new patterns with you!  They are quick to make and so very handy to use!

I’ve made several of each, and I’m sure you won’t want to stop at just one either!

The pretty, little Drawstring Pouch is self-lined, and has a contrasting fabric for a surprise pop of color!

The Handy Bag has a secret! It keeps itself closed!

“How?”, you ask. Download the free pattern today and find out!

Last, but not least is my Covered Dish Tote. It can hold one 8″x8″ and two 9″x13″ dishes at one time!

How is mine different from the b’zillion other totes out there?  The handles stay together, for one thing. How many times have you been gathering up bags, gifts, your purse, children, etc. and trying to get out the door for the party? How many hands did you have available to pick up the tote with your food in it? One? Any?

Been there. That’s why I designed this so that the handles stay put and you can grab it and go.

The ties inside hold your dishes in place, so, you don’t have to worry about anything sliding out unexpectedly!

I hope you’ll check out these fun projects.

Share your comments. Better yet, share some photos of which projects you made.

Looking forward to hearing from you!


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