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Now, I know it’s Wednesday and I’m posting a “Tips and Tools Tuesday” a day late. But, our grandchildren were here for 5 days and I was just having so much fun playing with them, that I didn’t want to take time away to write this post.

Plus, “Tips and Tools Wednesday” just doesn’t sound right. What can I say? I like alliteration.

So, how do you store your spools of thread?

Are they in a drawer? On a shelf?

As I considered how to store the many spools of thread I had accumulated over the years,  I looked through fabric and sewing notions catalogs to see what was available.

There were fancy sewing cabinets with pull-out drawers. Not in my budget.

There were racks with angled wooden dowels, which hold the spools, to hang on my sewing room walls. Who wants to dust them? Not me!

Do you know where I finally found the solution to my thread storage dilemma?

At my local home improvement store.

These are actually a storage containers for screws, nuts, bolts, nails, etc.

They have several drawers and are the perfect size to hold both large and small spools. They have holes for hanging the racks built in the back. When our children were still at home, they hung on the wall in our bedroom. Very handy.

I’ve organized mine by color.  But, they could be organized by thread weight, or by purpose. (Hand quilting, machine quilting, general sewing, heavy-duty thread, etc.)

The drawers have a notch on each one that helps them stay closed. I now have two rooms in which to sew, so I can transport my threads from room to room if needed.

Did you notice the basket of wooden spools on top?

My mom gave those to me years ago. The grandkids love to play with them whenever they come to visit. I also have a large box of buttons. It’s amazing what spools and buttons can become in a child’s imagination!

Have you found an unusual way to store your spools of thread?

Leave me a comment, I’d love to hear how you store yours.

Keep creating!




4 thoughts on “Tips And Tools Tuesday – Thread Storage

  1. Anita Jackson says:

    I’m laughing at myself because I am still storing my threads in a vintage cookie tin much like my grandmother did, and now I have my own grand babies. xoxox Love them! so I can see how the distraction of them will lead you to choose them over the social net. I followed along with Cherry Guidry on Cherry Blossoms to see how many other bloggers faced storage dilemmas and there were many great ideas. maybe you can get a few minutes to look back her Creative Spaces blog hop. Have a blessed Day!

    • lookoutmountainquilter says:

      I, too, am enjoying the Creative Spaces blog hop. Great ideas for organizing! Blessings to you as well. 🙂

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