Tips And Tools Tuesday – Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone!

Comfort  zones.  We all have them. In restaurants, we tend to order the same things we know we like. Shopping for clothes, we lean toward our favorite color. We sit in the same pew in church. Gravitate toward our favorite spot in the break room at work. Routines are good. The “same old, same old” Read More

Tips And Tools Tuesday – You Can Make a Stiletto

What can you do when the handle on your favorite wooden spoon breaks? Or perhaps you’ve just finished making a Covered Dish Tote which uses pieces of a 3/8″ dowel rod for the handles and you have a piece left over. It’s just an 8-inch piece of dowel rod. What on earth can you do with that? Oh, my friends, you Read More

Tips and Tools Tuesday – What Color Are Your Pins?

What color, you say? What difference does it make? Let me tell you a story and you can decide. I bought the pins on the right several years ago because I thought they were pretty. I still do. And, they work just great at holding fabrics together to be sewn. They have a nice size Read More