Tips and Tools Tuesday – Take Time to Thank Someone

Tips And Tools Tuesday - Take Time To Thank Someone

Two days ago my mom celebrated her 85th birthday. Yep, 85th!

Birthdays, to me, are always a time to reflect on the person whose birth we are celebrating. As I think back, I remember the many skills that I learned from my mom. Not just how to cook, bake, and clean house, but how to either make do with what we had or how to create something beautiful from materials and supplies that we had on hand.

She sewed clothes as well as soft-sculptured dolls for my sisters and me. Her imagination and ability to create things, without first having a pattern, have always amazed me! If there was a shower for a bride-to-be or a mother-to-be, Mom's sewing machine was humming!

She painted this T-shirt for my husband.

Yep, she could draw and paint, too!


Whether it was in the deep blue sea or a fresh-water lake or river, my Dad loved to fish!


Mom taught Dad to paint. He painted the Marlin on his T-shirt.


(The painting talent skipped right past me!)



Watching Mom transform fabric into something useful and beautiful was incredibly inspiring to me. Still is.

I can still hear her saying, "Necessity is the mother of invention!" By golly, if there was something we needed around the house, she would either come up with a way to make it herself, or repurpose something into what she needed. And, if it was beyond her skills or ability, she could draw up a design and Dad could build it. They made a really good team.















Mom, my sisters, and me.


Dad's gone now, and arthritis has robbed Mom's hands of their ability to draw, paint, sew, and craft. So, it is with a grateful heart and willing hands that I carry on their legacy of creativity. And, it's why I enjoy sharing what I've learned with others.

Thank you Mom, (and Dad) for inspiring, teaching, and encouraging me.

I love you!



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