Tips And Tools Tuesday – Fabric Got Back

I like big cuts and I cannot lie.

I especially like big cuts when Fabric Got Back.

By “Back”, I mean that the back of a fabric is pretty and can be used in a quilt as well as the front.


Sometimes the back is a more subdued version of the front. And “speaks” softer than the front.

In both the orange and the yellow fabrics, the back is on the left and the front is on the right.

If your quilt calls for bold Brights, than use the fabric front.







If you want the color, but not the intensity, try the back. It may just give you that pop of color, without being “in your face”.

Again, the back of this gold fabric is on the left, and the front is on the right.

Warm colors like this gold, tend to catch your attention, and can sometimes overpower the other fabrics in the quilt.  Sometimes, a scaled-back version of the front color is just perfect.






Here, this turquoise fabric is beautiful on the front and back.

I don’t know how my camera managed to pick up the faint pattern showing through. In my studio, any pattern is so faint that it reads as a solid. And yes, I have my glasses on.    😉





Some fabric backs look totally different than their fronts.

The striations on the back make it look like a completely different fabric.  It has almost a cross-hatch look to it. It looks better in person than it does in this photo.

The front is a simple tiny floral.






Some, like this brown with black circles, has enough of the black circle pattern showing through on the back that it appears that it was designed to be a subtle surprise.







When shopping for your next quilt project, take a moment to see if that Fabric Got Back.

You might just be surprised to get two possibilities from one cut.

And if you like big cuts like me, that’s twice as much to like!

I hope this tip makes you curious about what might be on the other side of the fabrics in you stash.




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