Tips and Tools Tuesday – An Unusual Pressing Tool

For our son’s eighth birthday, (more than twenty years ago), we gave him his first pocket knife.



It was dinky.

Only 2 1/2″ long.

But, he wanted to learn to whittle. He also, loved to fish. And a boy needs a pocket knife for fishing.







The first thing he whittled was a stick.

Just a stick.

But, he made it smooth.

It was awesome for an eight-year-old boy!




What made it even more awesome, is that fact that he presented his first whittling attempt to me.   His mom.

Can you see what he wrote on it?


I love Mom!

He even underlined the words and put three exclamation points at the end! Wow, did I feel loved! And I still smile and feel all warm and cozy inside every time I look at it. (Sigh)

He gave it to me at about the same time that I was learning to quilt.

So I put it in my sewing box and used it to press small seams when I didn’t want to heat up the iron for just one seam. I simply rub the pointed end of the stick over the seam to flatten it. Cotton fabric has sort of a “memory” and stays creased easily.

It works great! And I have never gotten even one splinter!

It was smooth!

It stays by my sewing machine at all times!


Maybe you have a son or grandson who has given you a gift such as a stick, but you haven’t been quite sure what to do with it.

Sometimes, the most unlikely things can be the greatest treasures.


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