Tips and Tools Tuesday – An Unusual Pressing Tool

For our son’s eighth birthday, (more than twenty years ago), we gave him his first pocket knife.     It was dinky. Only 2 1/2″ long. But, he wanted to learn to whittle. He also, loved to fish. And a boy needs a pocket knife for fishing.             The first Read More

Tips and Tools Tuesday – A “Go” Bag

Action movies. I love them. The intrigue, the chases, the fight scenes, every aspect of them holds my attention.  The Jason Bourne series are tops on my list of favorites.  And, not just dramas. The movie,  “Killers” has romance, comedy, action, and plot twists. As I watch action movies or a television series, such as, NCIS,  I like Read More

Tips and Tools Tuesday – Thread Catcher

Today’s Tips and Tools post will be short and sweet because I spent most of the day at the hospital with my husband. He had a heart catheterization done today to find out what is causing his chest pain and pressure. No blockage found. Praise the Lord! But hey had to send the catheter up Read More

Tips and Tools Tuesday – Empty Toilet Paper Rolls

If you’ve been following my Blog for any length of time, you know that I’m BIG on repurposing anything and everything that I can.         I like using things that I already have. Take the lowly empty toilet paper roll, for example.Now, usually it ends up in the trash or recycle bin. But today, I’d like to Read More

Tips And Tools Tuesday – Less Marking, More Sewing

You’ve heard the old adage “Less is more”, right? Well, it’s true in quilting, too. Especially when applied to “prep” work. The less steps I have to do to prepare fabric for sewing, the more time I have to sew it! Makes sense. If you’ve ever made Half-Square-Triangle units, Flying Geese units, or Snowball blocks, you’ve probably read directions that Read More