Tips and Tools Tuesday – Desk Lamp

I have found the most awesome desk lamp ever! (In my humble opinion, that is.)

I’m getting older, so I need more light when doing, well, pretty much everything. But especially when sewing with dark fabrics and threads.

I bought this light at a local home improvement store for about $20.  I’d planned to use it when I do hand-work while watching TV.  A regular table lamp’s light bulb can throw off a lot of heat! Especially a 250 watt bulb!


This smaller, LED lamp clips onto the end table by our couch. I can twist it to shine directly on my work and not on me. YAY!

I also clip it to my sewing table for extra light shining right on the needle and presser foot. (I don’t have a photo of it clipped to my sewing table, because the table and sewing machine are engulfed in my latest project and I didn’t feel like moving it.) (Just being honest.)

The clip base is wide and flat so that it can stand alone on the desk or work surface for closer lighting needs.


It usually stays clipped to the shelf above my computer/ planning desk, to add some extra light while I draw the illustrations for my patterns.


I’ve also used it in my make-shift light-box. It lays virtually flat and I can slide it easily around as needed for tracing.


Do you like my temporary light-box? I bought all of the wood and supplies to make one, but just haven’t had the time. So, I just set 6 cans of dog food on the table and lay a piece of 1/4″ plexiglass on top.

Ta Dah!  Instant light-box.

It works great!

As always, I hope this tool makes your quilting easier!




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