Tips and Tools Tuesday – Travel Iron


Today's tool is a travel iron.  It's lightweight, but does a great job!

I searched the internet and found several different styles, but this is the only one with a collapsible handle. (I didn't do an exhaustive search, so there may be another one out there.)

This one is a Black and Decker Travel Pro. I bought it at least 10 years ago at Big Lots for about $10.  EBay has them ranging in price from $17.99 to $34.99, so shop around.



It has a nice sharp point on the end that's great for getting into small seams.  And the handle folds flat, so it fits easily into a suitcase or sewing bag.

pb150261     pb150262

I have a large, regular iron that I use for ironing clothes or large pieces of fabric. But, when I'm piecing quilt blocks, I use this one.


It's lighter, so my hand and arm don't tire as quickly as with a large heavy iron.  It gets hot quicker than my large one and  it draws less electricity, so it's easier on the electric bill.  Yay!

I highly recommend getting one.

I hope this tool idea makes your quilting easier!



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