Tips and Tools Tuesday – Clappers

Clapping Makes Your Seams Lay Flat  (That sounds similar to a popular song title.) What is a “Clapper”? And what does it have to do with quilting or sewing? A clapper is a tool used during pressing to make a seam lay as flat as possible. It’s usually made from hardwood and there are several Read More

Tips and Tools Tuesday – Desk Lamp

I have found the most awesome desk lamp ever! (In my humble opinion, that is.) I’m getting older, so I need more light when doing, well, pretty much everything. But especially when sewing with dark fabrics and threads. I bought this light at a local home improvement store for about $20.  I’d planned to use it Read More

Tips and Tools Tuesday – Travel Iron

Today’s tool is a travel iron.  It’s lightweight, but does a great job! I searched the internet and found several different styles, but this is the only one with a collapsible handle. (I didn’t do an exhaustive search, so there may be another one out there.) This one is a Black and Decker Travel Pro. Read More

Tips and Tools Tuesday – Sandpaper

Okay, your quilt pattern says something like this, “Draw a line from corner to corner on the wrong side of a square.” Sounds easy, right? So, you get your trusty pencil and away you go!  NOT!    The lovely little piece of fabric laying so innocently on the table, suddenly shifts under the pencil lead and makes a crazy-looking squiggle! Read More

Is Your Fabric in a Wad?

That may sound like a strange question, but, seriously, is it? Perhaps your stash looks something like this. But, wish it  looked like this. . See all of the wasted space in the top photo? Now that my husband and I are “empty nesters”, I have a sewing room. YAY! It’s small, but, it’s mine!  By “small”, Read More