Chicken and Bacon. Need I say more? Okay, I’ll say corn, too.



It actually started with a bag of creamed corn that I found in the freezer.

Oh, yeah. You see it. There’s bacon in there.  My recipe for Creamed Corn is in the “Recipes” section.

Now, when I say a bag of creamed corn, I mean fresh corn from our garden that I creamed and froze. (Grocery stores carry frozen creamed corn in tubes, and it’s very tasty. They look like bulk breakfast sausage packages.)  Canned creamed corn is already cooked and just doesn’t have the same flavor as fresh or frozen.  ( I guess I’m kind of a creamed corn snob. Forgive me.)

Now, if you don’t have a garden, you can purchase fresh picked corn from the local Farmer’s Market.   There’s a very short period of time when corn is at it’s peak of flavor.  So make sure it’s fresh.

We love to eat fresh produce from our garden.

Fresh corn on the cob.  Butter. Salt. OH, YUM! (My husband likes it along with a Tomato  Toastie, slices of fresh garden tomatoes and mayo on toasted bread.)

We usually harvest about 200 ears of corn from our crop. So, since my husband and I can’t possibly eat it on the cob fast enough, I cream most of it, cook it a little, and put in the freezer to be enjoyed throughout the year.

Well, I thought my stash of creamed corn was long  gone.  But, when I spied that last precious bag of golden deliciousness in the freezer, yeah, I broke into my happy dance!

I knew the vegetable side dish we were going to enjoy that evening, but what about the protein?

There they were. Chicken thighs.  Just waiting to be prepared and compliment the creamed corn. My mind was swimming with the possibilities.

The thighs were skinless and boneless, so I had to come up with a plan to keep them moist.

Bacon! Of course!


This is the end result. Chicken, bacon, barbeque sauce, and cheese!  With creamed corn on the side!

Yes. My Sweetheart and I ate well that night!

Check out the recipe Barbeque Bacon Chicken in the “Recipes” section for how I made this scrumptious meal!



2 thoughts on “Chicken and Bacon. Need I say more? Okay, I’ll say corn, too.

  1. Elaine Hill says:

    You are a, Di of all trades, and a master of all. You are so great at everything. Your quilts are beautiful. Your food is deliciously delicious! I am extremely proud of you. Love Ya

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