Quilting On The Go by Diane

Of the many reasons I love to hand-quilt, I think the fact that it’s portable, tops the list.

 I am currently away from the house, and caring for my in-laws. By doing so, I’m the one who is blessed. First, I’m getting to spend more time with my “other parents”, and second, I can just hand-quilt during down time.

No housework (of my own). YAY!

(It’s funny the way “housework” doesn’t seem like drudgery when it’s for someone else.)

Years ago, I was laid up with a blood clot in my leg. I was confined to the couch, on my back, with my leg elevated above my heart. What’s a body to do?

To keep my sanity, I started hand piecing “Drunkards Path” blocks. By hand piecing, I mean, drawing the patterns onto cardboard and cutting them out. Then, tracing around them onto scraps of fabric. (Back then, I didn’t know about tracing with sandpaper under the fabric.) And finally, cutting out the pieces, pinning, and hand-sewing them together. All while on my back!

(Did I mention my sanity?)

This is the result.

I know many machine quilters who do beautiful work, but, come on, an entirely hand pieced top must be quilted by hand!
That’s my logic anyway.

Stitch-in-the-ditch is how I am approaching the Drunkards Path blocks. I just think the pattern is beautiful and want to emphasize it’s design.

I decided to quilt concentric rounded squares to frame the Grandmother’s Flower Garden blocks. I traced around the cardstock templates using a mechanical pencil with fabric-safe lead.

Quilting 1/4 inch inside each petal and center makes them appear rounded like real flower petals.

I’m liking that.

I use a hoop. It looks like a giant embroidery hoop, only deeper.

Normally, I don’t pin projects to be quilted by hand. I baste the layers together using a large needle and quilting thread. But, I was pressed for time (packing, etc. as I will probably be needed at least three weeks), so I pinned.

Honestly, pins are a pain with a hoop. But, ya gotta do what ya gotta do!

This is a HUGE quilt, so It will be a “work-in-progress” for some time, but it will get finished!

I will post again as I have some time.


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