Quilts. by Diane

What memories does the word, “quilts” evoke in you?  At work yesterday, I was sharing with a friend about starting this website.  When she saw the quilt on the opening page, she immediately began sharing with me her memories as a child playing under her grandma’s framed quilt.  It was her tent.  She, also, spoke of the quilt her grandma made especially for her, and that, on one corner, Grandma let her do some stitching!  She still has that quilt today, and laughed as she told me of her giant child-like stitches mingled with Grandma’s tiny ones in the corner.  I love hearing stories like that!

My grandmother was from Norway.  She knitted and crocheted, BEAUTIFULLY!  She taught my mom the craft, and Mom taught my sisters and me.  We had afghans around the house and on the beds.  No quilts.  It wasn’t until after I got married that I was introduced to the beautiful world of quilts.

My husband’s grandmother quilted.  She made quilts for each grandchild (18 if my memory is correct).  Each child could either choose or create their own design, and Grandma would make that child’s special quilt, and somewhere on each, she would embroider, “To (name), Love Grandma.”  What an incredible treasure!  My husband still has his.

Seeing, feeling, and using the beautiful quilts that Grandma made, hearing my husband choke-up as he told of her making them, and hearing stories like my friend shared, are the seeds that took root, and made me say, “I want to make things like that!”

The portion of a quilt that you see on my website’s front page, is a sampler quilt that I made for my husband.  Every block, reminds me in some way, of him.  I hand-quilted information in the blocks, too, so, it is a bit of family history hidden in plain sight.

Quilts.  What an incredible world of creativity to explore!


3 thoughts on “Quilts. by Diane

  1. Jenni says:

    I really enjoyed growing up & watching my Mom create so many beautiful memories in the quilts she made & also the ones that have passed down through the generations! So thankful she taught my siblings & I how to sew & quilt. I don’t have quite the passion for it that she does but I really enjoy it when the mood strikes me :).

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