Miles, piles, and smiles. by Diane

It all started sixty-nine years ago, when these two precious people, my in-laws, were married. These two became seven, which became twelve, then, twenty-seven, and at last count, sixty-six.

Dad and Mom

Kids wearing smiles, suitcases in piles, traveling miles to reunite the family that Dad and Mom built!

We gathered for photos in the park area of Dad and Mom’s apartment complex.  It was hot, but the Lord provided a nice breeze, and clouds to make it bearable. (Thank you, Lord!)

Then, off to a resataurant’s private room where we could eat, visit, and let the little ones roam the room and get the wiggles out!

My Sweetheart of 38 years, Rick, toasting his parents

Those who could stay for the second day, went to church where our nephew preached. It was so awesome worshipping with the whole family!

I guess to sum it all up, I’ll just say…

there were photographs taken, meals eaten, a toast shared, a scrapbook presented, stories swapped, hugs given, babies cuddled, great-grandchildren played, happy tears shed, laughter abounded, church service attended, and lots of new memories stored. Whew! We packed a lot into two days!

Such an awesome weekend!

After the hustle and bustle of travel, it’s always good to come back home.  Home, where our two old dogs wait patiently for our return and greet us with wagging tails. (That never gets old!)

Cole and Jade

(For some reason, they don’t like to sit and pose. Go figure!)

Ahhh! Home, sweet home!



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